Ceiling Type Operating Lamp with Digital Camera

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1. All use Germany Osram Medical bulb, bulb life for more than 10 years,Ra reach 95,R13 reach 97


2. lamp head shell using aluminum alloy material, good heat dissipation performance, effect is good for the life of LED bulbs.


3. Optional color temperature, there are three color temperature section, respectively is 3500 k, 4000 k, 4500 k. color temperature can be adjusted. First, the color temperature adjustable benefits is to reduce the doctor eyes visual fatigue. Second, according to the different color of skin, choose the right color temperature.

4. Endoscopic mode


5.500LED: Each lamp plate with 12 led lights, led lamp bead 72 pcs bulb. 700LED Each lamp plate with 18 led lights, led lamp bead 108 pcs bulb .More bulbs make the shadowless degree is better.


6.2000 shape balance arm, beautiful and bearing is larger than 77 round shape.


7 The lamp holder rotating 360 degree level.


8. The size of light field is big, so the operation scope is wide.

  • MOQ: ≥1 unit
  • Manufacture Capacity: 200 units/month
  • Port: SHANGHAI
  • Trading Terms: T/T, L/C
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    1. The lamp cap adopts the fully enclosed and non-angular streamline design and unique spraying technology to ensure the surface of the lamp cap is corrosion-resistant, anti-collision, easy to clean, no screw exposed, and good laminar flow effect.

    2. the unique polygonal mirror design, using the lens principle of first reflection and refraction, so that the light source of each reflective system is just rightly collected into the operation area, even if the entire lamp head is completely blocked by the doctor’s head, it can reach 100% without shadow. effect. Avoid the glare and light decay caused by direct light, and avoid the damage and visual fatigue caused by the direct light source to the doctor’s eyes.

    3. high-performance LED light engine, modular design, easy to replace.

    4. the use of Germany Osram imported light source, the light is mixed with white light in the light engine, non-surgical area mixing, to avoid color shadows in the surgical area.

    5. with minimally invasive surgery mode one-button switching, providing illumination during endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery.

    6. the lamp head operation is light and flexible, accurate positioning, no drift.

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