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    Shanghai Figton Tha e cumhachdach teicnigeach feachd an sàs ann an riochdachaidh, reic, agus stàladh LED sreath lannsa shadowless lampa, riatanach meòrachail obair-lannsa shadowless lampa, meidigeach crochaidh siostam-obrachaidh seòmar mullach Aigeallain, ICU dian chùram aonad mullach Aigeallain, meidigeach gas innleadaireachd agus Vacuum mucail siostam bathar.
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    Figton a 'foillseachadh measgachadh farsaing de dhrogaichean agus na meadhanan stuth, a h-uile bathar a tha taobh a-staigh an raon ceadaichte le WHO, sinn continute àrdachadh ar teicneòlas agus bathar nas fheàrr a chruthachadh gus dèiligeadh ri feuman atharrachail pathology.

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  • CHCC 2021 Shenzhen – Huakang Century

    CHCC 2021 Shenzhen – Huakang Century

    CHCC 2021 in Shenzhen Booth completed. Thank you all our workers and technicians!! Wish our HQ Huakang Century a great success‼️ Welcome to visit us at H1A02. #CHCC #HuakangCentury #TurnkeyProject #CleanroomTechnology #MGPS #China #Figton
  • Happy Mid Autumn Festival

    Happy Mid Autumn Festival

    “Zhong Qiu Jie”, which is also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar.It is a time for family members to congregate, admire the full moon and eat mooncakes. The full moon is a symbol of reunion. We will be on holiday during 19th-...
  • Shopping Month 2021

    Shopping Month 2021

      Only in September, order $50,000 will get a free iPhone 13! Don’t hesitate and take actions now!!! Email: WhatsApp: +86 15300769875
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  • 2021 FIGTON Trip

    2021 FIGTON Trip

    In the weekend of 26-27th June, we were going out and experienced nature together. How long have you been close to rivers and forests? Drifting and climbing truly make us feel thrilled!!! We became stronger and much united after all these team work. Thank you FIGTON!!!

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