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Unique and original humanized design concept: saves space, time, provides humane treatment platform for doctors.

High quality aluminum alloy material: never deformation, prevent “planar drift” phenomenon, assure not affect the normal operation of the medical staff.

Perfect technology: make sure the zero error of each product and the function of rust, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion and easy cleaning.

Unique non-polar lift system: silent design without vibration, can satisfy the high adjustment of the requirement of continuous change of equipment position.

The rotation adopts double cone plane bearing, mechanical damping braking: the guarantee operation is smooth and easy, the brake doesn’t feel down.

Strong ability to handle: allow ample room for upgrade.

The tower is designed with streamlined design and no groove screw on the surface: guarantee clean sterilization without dead Angle, complete and guarantee laminar flow purification effect.

  • MOQ: ≥1 unit
  • Manufacture Capacity: 100 units/month
  • Port: SHANGHAI
  • Trading Terms: T/T, L/C
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    ICU Bridge dry section is provided with a medical monitoring instrument platform can be adjusted by lifting, in the wet end, oxygen, air, suction, input electrical and network terminal can be configured in the tower and the medical staff on hand. The wet section adopts the cantilever structure to improve the treatment space, and the movable rotating part adopts pneumatic brake, and the position and the direction of the tower body can be arbitrarily locked.

    The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and space saving, and is suitable for a small area monitoring area and an emergency room. In addition, according to your request can choose a variety of medical accessories.

    Basic parameters and configuration:

    1. the rotation angle of 340 degrees, lateral running distance: + 500mm.
    2. equipment tray: the load is less than or equal to 60Kg.
    3. beam length: 2.4-3.2m.
    (1) the beam load is less than or equal to 250Kg
    (2) manual operation of hanging box
    4. accessories configuration (with actual demand):
    (1) 690mm * 400mm equipment tray.
    (2) drawer tray.
    (3) all kinds of transfusion stand.
    (4) safety low voltage halogen lamp (built-in beam, and beam integration).
    (5) the network interface of the 1 monitors.

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