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    cov khoom siv

    Shanghai Figton Nws yog ib tug haib kev quab yuam koom nyob rau hauv qhuav, kev muag khoom thiab installation ntawm LED series phais shadowless teeb, ib paab phais shadowless teeb, kev kho mob ncua kev kawm ntawv system operating chav tsev qab nthab pendants, ICU intensive kev saib xyuas tsev qab nthab pendants, kev kho mob roj engineering thiab lub tshuab nqus tsev suction system cov khoom.
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    Figton produces a wide variety of drugs and media supplies,All products are within the range permitted by WHO,We continute to upgrade our technology and create better products to cope with the changing needs of pathology.

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  • Bahrain Approves Chinese COVID-19 Vaccine for Use

    Bahrain Approves Chinese COVID-19 Vaccine...

    DUBAI, UNITED ARAB Emirates (AP) — Bahrain said Sunday it approved the use of a Chinese coronavirus vaccine, following its earlier approval of a vaccine made by Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech. Separately, Kuwait has granted emergency use for the Pfizer vaccine. Bahrain’s state-run ...
  • Shanghai FIGTON Medical in 2020 CMEF

    Shanghai FIGTON Medical in 2020 CMEF

    #CMEF #SHANGHAI #Medical Equipment #Operation-theater #OT lamp #OR light #OR table 2020 CMEF in Shanghai, we took part in this exhibition during 19th-22nd October and thanks a lot for our visitors and customers! The China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) was launched in the year 1979 ...
  • 2020 Shanghai FIGTON Medical Team Building

    2020 Shanghai FIGTON Medical Team Building

    In order to thank everyone for their hard work and improve team cohesion, FIGTON organized all employees to participate in a one and a half day team building activity. On the morning of September 5th, everyone boarded the bus to Changxing Island. After more than half an hour’s drive, we ar...
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    New rules aimed at boosting quality, post...

    Industry insider says ‘catfish effect’ will help promote partnerships China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology updated regulations on new energy vehicle companies and NEV products market access on Thursday. Insiders said they expect the move to inject momentum int...

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