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    Shanghai Figton Tas ir spēcīgs tehnisko spēku nodarbojas ar ražošanu, pārdošanu un uzstādīšanu LED sērijas ķirurģija shadowless lampa, neatņemama atstarojoša ķirurģijas shadowless lampa, medicīnas piekares sistēma operāciju zāle griestu piekariņi, ITN intensīvās aprūpes nodaļā, griestu piekariņi, medicīniskās gāzes inženierijas un vakuuma sūknēšanas sistēmas produkti.
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    Figton ražo plašu narkotiku un mediju piegādēm, visi produkti ir robežās pieļauj PVO, mēs continute uzlabot mūsu tehnoloģijas un radīt labākus produktus, lai tiktu galā ar mainīgajām vajadzībām patoloģiju.

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  • 2021 CMEF Shanghai, 13th-16th May

    2021 CMEF Shanghai, 13th-16th May

    CMEF Shanghai!!!   This week, we’re going to participate in the CMEF in Shanghai.   Every exhibition here shall not be missed.   Come and visit our booth at H1.1 M16. Gift will be free for every visitors.   13th-16th, May. We await your presence.    
  • Office Closed Notice: 1st – 5th May

    Office Closed Notice: 1st – 5th May

    Office Closed Notice Hello everyone, we’re going to have holiday  that starts from 1st to 5th May. We’ll have limited access to our email and phone call. Inquiry will be responded by us within 48 hours. Thank you so much for your attention. Wish you all the best and stay healthy.
  • Price Rising Notice

    Price Rising Notice

    ⚠️Price Rising Notice‼️ As the raw materials cost rises a lot recently, the price of our product such as pendant and bed head unit will go up↗️ Quotation validity will be 2 weeks only. Please note.
  • Ch’ing Ming Holiday

    Ch’ing Ming Holiday

    Coming Holiday From 3rd to 5th April, we are going to have a traditional Chinese holiday “Ch’ing Ming” It’s a festival in Spring for visiting ancestral graves.The tradition of Chinese nation began around the Zhou dynasty, which has a history of more than 2,500 years. Take care all o...
  • Happy International Women’s Day!

    Happy International Women’s Day!

    Today we celebrate every woman on the planet. You bring so much love and beauty into our world just by being in it, and it makes everyone a little bit happier. The Sun shines brighter when you smile, ladies, so keep smiling! Happy Woman’s Day!

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