2020 Shanghai FIGTON Medical Team Building

In order to thank everyone for their hard work and improve team cohesion, FIGTON organized all employees to participate in a one and a half day team building activity.


On the morning of September 5th, everyone boarded the bus to Changxing Island. After more than half an hour’s drive, we arrived at the camp for this activity. Under the organization of the team leader, a variety of quality development activities were carried out.


We shook our sweat together and completed team competitions such as rafting and tug-of-war. In teamwork, not only the relationship becomes closer, but the communication between departments is also enhanced. There is no doubt that the significance of this event is very significant, and it has also realized the original intention of organizing the event.




Finally, I sincerely wish that the company will prosper and create more glories with everyone’s joint efforts!

Post time: Sep-10-2020

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