Huakang Century Supported Building the Huoshenshan-Fire God Mountain Hospital in Wuhan

Huakang Century, located in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. It’s a high-tech turnkey solution provider which has more than 5 subsidiaries around the country including Shanghai FIGTON Medical. It’s a professional company that’s specialized in cleanroom technology and medical gas pipeline system for over 12 years, finishing more than 700 hospital projects in China and overseas.

When the epidemic occurred, it was authorized by the local government to support the construction and cleanroom works for the ICU which is known by the world, Fire God Mountain, a 1000-bed hospital. It was a miracle that accomplished such a hard work within an extremely short time, 10 days.

Duty call, action time. Not just about the expertise, but the responsibility encouraged them to stand out and help the country and people in crisis. Life is in danger, all civilian and people in this planet have united to conquer this Virus, and we will win this ‘war’ in the end, we all believe.

Great appreciation shall be made to those people especially doctors and who made every effort but didn’t noticed by others. They’ve devoted themselves to the human beings at this moment, and they deserve respect and honor.

What doesn’t kill us will finally make us stronger, so we must have faith and sun will shine in the sky soon.

Writer: Nick

Post time: May-25-2020

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